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The Rollz Voyce
Voice-over services, perfect for the following projects and more…

• audio books,
• animation,
• corporate training,
• e-learning,
• explainer videos,
• internet video,
• “on-hold” / IVR,
• radio & television,
• social media ads & campaigns,
• pod- and webcasts, and more.

The Rollz Voyce – Rachael Halimon VO!

Professionally trained, mature, and trustworthy. I AM the voice you’ve been waiting to hear!

Rachael’s voice is described as warm, confident, professional, and persuasive. She is able to command and compel, as well as to calm and appeal. Rachael has a collegiate background in public speaking, including speech delivery and product showcasing. She has also provided her voice talent for small local projects, including as a tour guide and facilitator whereas her vocal delivery has enhanced the impression of, and purchasing decisions of prospects seeking to advance efforts in their desired field or focus.

Rachael received her advanced voice-over training through Such-a-Voice coaches /mentors, and professionally recorded her commercial and narration style demos using Real II Reel Productions in Fenton, MI.