Shutdown cost U.S. economy $11 billion, budget office says

Of that $11 billion hit, $3 billion is gone forever, a Congressional Budget Office report found.

This right here is some b*llsh*t. Congress needs to step in a little better and let our president know who is boss. It is the people. It seems he only knows enough about the constitution for it to work for himself and his family. That money is not gone, it went somewhere and most likely right in his pocket.

You really can’t expect him to look out for his own office either. Look at what happened to his ex-lawyer (Michael Cohen) and his top adviser (Roger Stone). He simply does not care who he brings down with him. Just like a Gemini for ya’. Trust me, I was with a Gemini for over 16 years. They have good traits of building but even worse traits of taking what they built down

Especially if they feel what they built is not up to their own standards. Unfortunately, they don’t have any standards when it comes to compassion for older women and young children (my opinion and not all Geminis are the same).  Must be part of the laugh now, cry later syndrome they were born with. He laughed now, but he will cry later! Mark my words.

Source: Shutdown cost U.S. economy $11 billion, budget office says


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